Shivani Institutions grew magnanimously in the last 15 years from Middle/High School to Junior College & Degree College. In 2008, Junior College started with 400 students & now it became four junior colleges, one degree & two schools by adapting to the challenges of an ever-evolving educational scenario.

Preparing students to face life’s challenges

“We encourage students to be succeed by discovering their inner potential and finding the right career path in the process to make study interesting and engaging for students & leave them with an experience of learning with choice and guidance to achieve their goals.”


We ensure a quality environment in which a professional team of highly skilled academicians provides a broad-based educational experience. To enable the students in making judicious selections suitable to their personal aptitudes in career opportunities.

Middle/High School

Shivani institutions prepare the students to eliminate the fear and to bring out the best in a child’s performance, our hands-on learning approach allows each child to have a clear conceptual understanding of the logic behind every formula, every practical or every application learned is well engraved in the minds of these little geniuses.ll update

Junior College

Shivani Institutions include all IIT, NIT, MEDICAL, and NEET faculty guiding the students with advanced knowledge of Science, Mathematics, or any typical subject a child usually runs away from. This helps them stay a step ahead of the competition that they will be facing in the coming years.

Degree College

The Shivani Degree College has a strong emphasis on personal development and offers various programs to help students develop their leadership skills, communication skills, and self-confidence. We provide our students with an integrated knowledge of Science, Mathematics, in an easily comprehensible manner.



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